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Product Releases

  • High Torque Brakes

    Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new range of High Torque, Electromagnetic, Spring Applied Industrial Brakes. ICP HT Series Brakes have been developed for crane and winch applications including marine environments. With a high degree of protection, the brake operates in the toughest of seawater environments and harsh...
  • New Nexen Roller Pinion Technology Catalogue Now Available

    We have updated our website to bring you the brand new catalogue from Nexen, featuring everything you need to know about integrated brake systems as well as the unique Roller Pinion System for zero backlash rotary-to-linear or rotary-to-rotary transmission. Nexen continuously develops new products that open up new design possibilities...
  • Nexen Enhances Roller Pinion System With Increased Torque Capacity

    Nexen Group, Inc. has improved its revolutionary Roller Pinion System (RPS) by significantly increasing its torque capacity. With up to 60 to 140 percent more torque capacity*, the RPS offers industry-leading power density for precision linear motion control applications. “In the past, the market has used the phrase ‘power density’ to differentiate...
  • Steel Bellows Coupling From Mayr Power Transmission

    The plug-in Primeflex from Mayr Power Transmission has all of the characteristics to be expected from a top-class, modern steel bellows coupling. Primeflex stands for innovative technology orientated towards future applications at an exceptionally economic price. In contrast to other plug-in bellows couplings, it can be dismantled safely without putting...
  • Magnetic Continuous Slip Clutches

    Magnetic continuous slip clutches can be used in many different applications. If torques are to be transmitted and limited reliably and wear-free Mayr Roba Contitorque continuous slip clutches and brakes are the ideal drive elements. These load holding torque limiting clutches are used in different industrial branches for a number of...

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